10 Most Creative Resumes

Looking for a job? Having one of these creative resumes won’t necessary get you one, but it’ll surely get a lot of attention; meet ten of the best resumes we’ve seen.

Sabrina Saccocio is a TV, radio print and web producer who has put together this creative resume, looking for a unique and interesting work, a Facebook resume. (Link)

Pocket CV by Temitope Shoda. If you have to go to several jobs interviews in one day, this great resume is, besides creative, very easy to carry. (Link)

Michael Anderson’s portafolio not only shows he can create great graphics, it also proves he is able to turn ‘boring’ facts and figures into something exciting. (Link)

Very creative resume from Kristian Leigh Walsh, inspired in Game of Life. Check the video:


 One of the best resumes we’ve seen, made on a T-shirt. Very creative resume but you won’t be able to sue for sexual harassment if your future boss starts starring at your boobs. (Link)

Samuel J. Mallett folded resume (Link)

Resume in a box by ~Pixcaliba (Link)

Eugene Isaac was trying to land a writing job at a magazine, so he came up with this creative magazine cover resume. (Link)

Tired of writing or typing? How about sewing your own cool resume like graphic designer Melissa Washin. (Link | Photo)

Art director Katen Adolski used pencil tools to show her career evolution. (Link)


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